Bonding Bean

Bonding Bean is a set of portable caring products for expectant families





Project Type

Product/ System/ Service


Team leader, Researcher, Designer

Project Overview

Portable hand-held caring products

Our project Bonding Bean is a handheld interactive product,We introduce the character of a virtual baby to enter the expectant family in advance.

By tracking the personal status of women during pregnancy, we provide timely solutions to any emergencies with a massive online professional knowledge base. We also promote in-time emotional communication between husband and wife through a timely feedback mechanism.

My Role/Responsibilities

Desk research, field research, user interviews, market analysis, brainstorming, user test, service system diagrams, product sketch modeling and rendering, use scene diagrams, brand manual design, customer reporting


As the world’s most populous country, China is facing a declining birth rate year by year, and there will be labor shortages and aging population in the near future.These situations are also pretty serious in other countries such as Japan and South Korea


For women, pregnancy and childbirth bring them more pressure than personal wishes. Except Chinese new released three-child policy, social environmental factors such as unfair treatment, Internal factors such as family economic factors are the reasons for the decline in fertility. Also, as the priority of women's self-awareness, many woman believe that having children will bring them a lot of psychological and physical pressure, which in turn affects their quality of life.

The Special Period

Women in pregnancy are vulnerable, and women in early pregnancy are particularly easily prone to negative emotions such as anxiety. According to our research, family support and social support are 2 important factors in reducing the negative emotions of pregnant women. It is really interesting that husbands also have psychological pressures that are no less than those of pregnant women during pregnancy, especially for new families who are pregnant for the first time. Both pregnant women and their husbands are facing a huge change in becoming newborn parents. For husbands and other family members, participating in prenatal health care and education with pregnant women can effectively provide maternal social support and greatly reduce prenatal anxiety, childbirth risks and postpartum depression.


Design vision

Therefore, our design vision hopes to help both newborn parents at the same time, by introducing the role of virtual children, covering the companionship throughout the pregnancy, help parents pass the role transition smoothly, and gain self-identity and a sense of accomplishment.

We hope that through us The products can relieve the emotions of pregnant women in time and enhance the communication between husband and wife. And gain professional knowledge by interacting with virtual children


According to our field and actual population research facts, and combined with the basis of literature research; we decided to break the limitation of traditional pregnancy services only for pregnant women, and expand our attention to the husband who can provide the greatest family support for pregnant women during pregnancy. Seen as a whole as our target user.

System map

We design the product into the same two parts for pregnant women and husbands, and convey the emotions between husband and wife through the vibration, light source and sound of the product. And through the collection of personal information, customized knowledge prompts and personal health advice, The product interacts with parents from the child's first perspective, parents can experience the responsibility of raising children in advance during the interaction. And through the app settings, the product is connected to the hospital, and if there is any crisis through self-alert or the unusual personal data collecting, it can send the alert to health professionals in time.

Product Design

Rounded, suitable for hand-holding


In order to meet the usage scenarios, we hope that the product itself is portable, smooth and easy to operate; after trying many appearances, we decided to use the most ergonomic arc-cylindrical shape, and the body body is a gentle, calm and acceptable low-saturated smoke beige color.


Using scenarios

The Bonding Bean will keep following the expectant family for the whole pregnancy and can be used in multiple scenarios.

Final outcome

Bonding Bean


Due to the virtual baby is one of the main functions and the innovation point of the product, we named this product Bonding Bean.

London Design Festival